If Hell Is Real…What Makes Me Get Serious About It? (3/4)

Week #3 Main Idea: Christians are shaken to the core and start believing in hell (again) when they realize God is a God of wrath (and not just love), non-believers are going to suffer that wrath, Jesus paid the penalty so they wouldn’t have to, but we Christians must tell them about it.

Messages in this series:

If Hell Is Real…Why Don’t I Believe It?

If Hell Is Real…Why Am I Afraid To Admit It?

If Hell Is Real…What Makes Me Get Serious About It?

If Hell Is Real…How Can I Help Others Avoid It?


Brian loves helping Christians live thoughtful, courageous lives. He's a popular blogger, author, and pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

  • David Knoecklein

    Thank you Brian.

    • David Knoecklein

      (Second time watching the video)., It is considered that 3:25 is rare for Paul and the phrase is found no where else and may have been a commom poem. “Propitiation”( a person who is angry or offended is propitiated; appeased, their wrath must be turned away)… first thought….righteousness comes from Christ’s faithfulness, rather than the believer’s faith in him. God’s righteousness establishes a condition which sinners do not possess on their own.And that this is All Sinners. To the Jew this is different because their position was that receiving God’s righteousness acknowledged a righteousness that the Jew already possessed because of Torah.
      What this means is that the initiative and decisive work is with God who decides to restore the unrighteous covenant partner to grace. So the nature of this act is not ‘forensic’, there is no winning argument, it is not as if someone pleaded their case before a judge and won or scored points and became just by vote of the tribunal. This is covenantal, it is a relationship, hence a fulfilled promise. “dia pisteos iesou christou”. Grace; it was all done for us. For the Christian this is believing in God’s action that gives us a righteousness, known because of the living witness of Jesus the dead Jesus and the raised Christ and the changed lives of the cowards who followed Jesus.
      If we preach Christ and there is no resurrection from the dead we are fools. If we preach Christ and there is no Heaven or Hell we are fools. If there is no Cross, we are just talking about what? yet, there was a cross.
      Goodspeed Rm 1:18 ” God’s anger is breaking forth from heaven against all the impiety and wickedness of men who in their wickedness are suppressing the truth” er23:20 “The anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind”. How can we live once we become aware conscious of our own sin? Can there be an ‘expiation?; the weight of guilt removed or lifted from the consciousness of the offender? Can we be katallage’? Where is the Kphar, the covering for our sin/ Who will pay the debt owed? Hilaskomai! Therte is a reconciliation. It is the cross.
      I’m just sharing my brother.God’s grace to you.