Blue Like Jazz Movie Preview

I was invited to attend the preview of the movie adaptation of Donald Miller’s New York Times best-selling book, Blue Like Jazz, tonight in Philadelphia.

Miller is doing a 22 city nationwide tour to allow movers and shakers in the Christian community to preview the movie ahead of time and, if they like it, help promote it to their constituencies.

I am excited to attend for two reasons:

1. Leaders in the Christian community are finally recognizing my ability to sway the masses for good or evil.

Not since I was asked to ghost write The Purpose-Driven Life for you-know-who (lost out that contract to the guy who wrote Fireproof) have Christian leaders pointed to my natural ability to incite mass pandemonium and/or spiritual revival. Miller, obviously recognizing my gift to cause untold millions of you to leap out of bed each morning to hang on my every word, issued the invite.

2. It’s about dang time I got something free.

I never get free crap. Ever. In 11 years of killing myself to start CCV from scratch here in Philly – land acquisition, 2 building projects, 3 capital campaigns, locking myself in my basement from 3-6 am everyday writing books to help people, serving and loving and preaching so that 1258 people to date could come to Christ – this is the FIRST time I have ever received something for free that recognized my effort and influence. And to that I graciously and humbly say: it’s about frickin time.

Miller, thank you for the freebie tickets, but know this – the entire 5,000,000 person Philadelphia metro area will either love or hate this movie based on my review.

So Don please be forewarned- if Kirk Cameron makes a cameo appearance in this thing I’m standing up in the theater and yelling “FIRE!” faster than you can reject propositional truth.

I’ll see you tonight. Bring it on…

Brian loves helping Christians live thoughtful, courageous lives. He's a popular blogger, author, and pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

  • Larry Marshall

    Nice! And I too am a lover of ‘free’

    • Brian Jones

      What’s up Marshall??? Yep, free is always a good thing! Hope you’re doing well.

  • Jon Stolpe

    I’m jealous. Have a great time. I look forward to your review. I’ll be interested to see how Steve Taylor converted Don Miller’s book (which is often very random) to the big screen.

  • Frank Chiapperino

    It is about time, you should actually be invited to all of the previews in every city. Hilarious, thanks for the laugh this morning :-)

  • Mike Mack

    Hey, I DID send you a free book, didn’t I? Of course, it doesn’t hold a candle to Donald Miller. Oh well.

    • Brian Jones

      Hey sucker – I haven’t received a thing. No book. No nothing. And did you see that scene with Ben Affleck when he goes to a job interview in place of Matt Damon? “Allegedly, your situation would be concurrently improved if I had $200 in my back pocket right now.” :) I’m not that expensive. Slipping a $5 bill inside the book, or a coupon for Wendy’s, or maybe even a 2-for-1 gift card for the car wash might make me think differently…I’m cheap…. Here’s that Affleck clip for inspiration:

  • joshaidan

    Where’s your review? I can’t find it on your blog.

    • Brian Jones

      Honestly, I was being kind by not reviewing it. I didn’t want to say anything that might deter people from seeing it. The final scene in the confession booth was epic. The rest of the movie seemed pieced together and lacking the coherence one would expect out of a major motion picture.