Homosexuality: Are You Uneducated, Backwards And Intolerant?

We’ve had two people storm out of church recently during my sermons.

One was an “over-saved” guy in a suit and tie who threw a third-grade hissy fit because he didn’t like a video we were showing. “I’m not putting up with this,” he yelled, as he frantically pushed his way through the aisle towards the exit so he could make a scene. I was later told he was the manager of the local, ridiculously fundamentalist “Wait, is that the musical score from the movie Deliverance?” Christian radio station.

The other was a calm, intelligent, PhD pharmaceutical type (we have a ton of those in our area), who graciously said that he couldn’t believe that a pastor, in this day and age, with all that we know today about the causes of homosexuality, could call it a sin. He was truly taken back.

Question: who is the uneducated, backwards, and intolerant one?

Answer: both.

Is homosexuality genetic? Probably.

Does it totally blow to have homosexual feelings and not be able to act on them in a society that across the board doesn’t support/condone/value those relationships? Undoubtedly.

Does it suck to have to fight for equal treatment under the law? Absolutely.

So it follows that anyone in this day and age that calls homosexuality a sin is uneducated, backwards and intolerant, right? Of course not.

It’s a sin.

Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…”

I’m sorry you feel the need to call me names because I tell you that shacking up is a sin and you’re hurting your future marriage.

I’m sorry you get ticked because I preach sermons that make you uncomfortable because you’re married but having an affair with someone at the office.

I’m sorry you don’t feel a big Oprah group hug when you ask me to “bless” some part of your life that you know is wrong and you need me, your local priest, to alleviate your guilt.

What you are doing is evil.

No more evil than my own sin.

But it’s still evil.

And while I would love to be in a position to make you happy, feel comfortable, and be “open and affirming” about your relationship, there is ultimately only One person I truly care about offending.

And it’s definitely not you.

Brian loves helping Christians live thoughtful, courageous lives. He's a popular blogger, author, and pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

  • Jerri

    And there you have it, The Truth!

  • frmrCCVr

    We aren’t obeying the human, Paul, we are obeying God through the teaching (Bible) about God from the created human, Paul.

  • rebekah

    there are some people out there who could actually use an “anger pride day” to own up to their emotions, so they don’t feel so ashamed or disappointed in themselves every time they have a fit of rage. repressing your true feelings is emotionally and spiritually unhealthy. the consequences of repressing one’ s true sexuality because you feel rejected are something along the lines of depression and suicide. to Dr. J. and ccvfan, i don’t believe that repression is what jesus is getting at in the new testament, but i am sensing that that is what you are saying. please correct me if i misunderstood. 

    the heart of christianity is not to not sin. but when the public issues that christians gather most forcefully for are about abortion and gay marriage, what do you think would be the underlying message everyone else receives? probably that christianity has more to do with sin than with love.

  • Guest

    What I hope: your sermons delivered the fundamental message that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the entire world because the entire world is sinful and required saving, which includes homosexuals. 
    As long as this is delivered and you do not make homosexuality out to be the “one” sin that is “worse than all others” (considering your last few words, I assume so), then I commend you for standing up for this Christian belief that is backed up Biblically. 

    I like Dr. J.’s post, however, I think we can take it farther than that. Considering that every child that makes it through the teenager years is guaranteed to ignore/disobey his/her parent’s commands, I think everyone is born to disobey (well, predisposition to it). But does that make it okay? Not everything that people are “born” with is okay, we have plenty of genetic disabilities and mental problems, so how can people say “oh, but being born gay makes it good”. Research on the problems homosexuals/gays have show evidence on the contrary. Even in areas that are extremely accepting of this lifestyle, homosexuals still have high depression rates, not to mention the increase in STDs (look at statistics on New York).

    However, regardless of who or what a person “is”, no one is a “worse” sinner in God’s eyes. Homosexuals need as much love from us as anyone, but that does not mean we have to condone, accept, or not call what they do a sin. To truly love a someone, you should not condone/accept that which hurts them, regardless if they want it or not.

  • http://www.BrianJones.com/ Brian Jones


  • Anon

    The apostle Paul had problems.  He was a misogynist kook.  I don’t understand why he has to be obeyed.  He’s not god.

  • http://www.BrianJones.com/ Brian Jones

    Well said.

  • ccvfan

    Homosexuality is no more and no less a sin, and no more no less a genetic predisposition than my anger management issues, my impatience (which often drives my anger), and the heterosexual lust that so often causes me to lose focus. 

    We all fall short and are in dire need of God’s Grace.

    I don’t ask for a “Anger Pride Day”.  Please don’t ask me to attend a Gay Pride parade.

    The Apostle Paul didn’t pull any punches when recruiting Christians in Greece, where homosexuality approached a norm.  I don’t see why we should suddenly make it ok.

  • Jakecopley67

    Amen Brian.

  • Serhalal

    Well said Brian.  The only thing I would question is the statement “No more evil than my own personal sin”.  I think this belief that “all sin is equal in the eyes of God” which seems to be sweeping the evangelical nation is just not supported in scripture.  (Jn 19:11, 1 Cor 6:18, Matt 5:19)  – Thanks for Posting this.

  • Dr. J.

    I am not stating this as fact, but there appears to be a genetic predisposition toward homosexuality that is similar to a genetic predisposition toward alcoholism. If a person so disposed to alcoholism does not take that first drink then the genetic potential is not expressed. I often wonder if the homosexual lifestyle was not so accepted, even pushed in our culture if we would see more people delivered from its grip.

  • Adspremierjewelry

    Thank you for sharing this. I also thank you for your courage to preach the truth. I often am not confident enough to discuss this subject with everyone. Some people yes, but others I am to afraid. I’m sick of people saying I’m a hater, when that is so not true. I pray that my confidence grows and I’ll be able to speak more about the subjects that need to be discussed and shared. I thank God that I belong to a church that is sticking to the bible, it’s truth and not changing its beliefs to get popularity.