Rethinking Homosexuality

homosexualityRecently I met a sharp business guy in our church for lunch who has been reluctant to buy into the whole Christianity thing.

He asked, “Do I have to believe that homosexuality is wrong to become a Christian?”

I get asked that a lot, along with a whole slew of questions about homosexuality that I’ve been reluctant to talk about publicly.

I’m thinking it’s time to open up that can of worms.

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  • April Carter

    It’s more than belief. Anyone who accepts God’s truth will naturally become a Christian, with the help of God. But, once said person gets saved, he or she cannot purposely sin and get away with it. Whether in belief or action, we must obey God. Homosexuality is a sin and, because it’s a sexual sin, it’s also an abomination to God. We are to show love to everyone. But, lying to homosexuals is NOT love. With God’s guidance, we must tell people the truth about any sin. Telling the truth has nothing to do with bigotry or so-called phobia. Truth is essential to salvation.

  • Carlos Bello

    I think God is more intrested in how we treat people as much as what we believe. for example if I were a person who believed homosexuality is wrong.. it would be equally wrong to bully them using words like youa re abomonation. Jesus would not brake a damaged reed. We dont’ ahve to agree to show love towards one another. A christan who carries an offense can’t carry the glory of God at the same time. So, I chooose to walk in love and be a carrier of His presence to all I meet. for whow will they know I am his dici-ple of I show love? Love is pateint, Love is kind, never boastful,long suffering, never self seeking. we should minister to others the love of God in this way to show God’s heart at its’ best to a world who doesnt’ know him and to a community who thinks God hates them(LGBT) which is far far from the truth for God is man, does not judge like men does.. so He is not a bigot nor a hommophobe. . We are equal before God .. for when the word mentions homosexuality it also mentions those who use abusive language will not inherit the kingdom of heaven eaither so truly we are all equal before God..Not one person is righteouse before him. only through the blood of Jesus are we saved so no man can boast.

  • PA_John

    I think I can believe whatever I want, and still be a Christian. I think Jesus loved/loves us all equally, and as an American, I believe everyone, regardless of their race, sex, creed, orientation, is equal under the law. Is homosexuality a sin? Under some interpretations of the Bible, sure. No more or less a sin than my lack of complete faith in God and Jesus’ teachings, I’m sure. In my heart, I feel/know I am in the right to treat all equally.