5 Minutes That Will Change Your Friend’s Life

Christ The Redeemer Statue on Corcovado MountainSo let me get this straight.

  • You haven’t shared your faith with a non-Christian in as long as you can remember.
  • No one has been invited to experience the community of faith to which you belong.
  • You can’t write down a single name of an outsider who’s recently heard about the beautiful ways God has been involved in your life.

Because you’ve been too busy? Or you’re an introvert? Or that’s God’s job, you say?

A few thousands years ago Jesus dies for your sins. For your past. For your future.

And all he asked is that in return you love him with all your heart, care for the poor and broken, and share what he did with every person you lock eyes with that needs to hear.


Like me.

You’re too [choose from the following] _____________ (selfish, broken, callous, lazy, hateful, important, preoccupied, scared) to spare 5 minutes to give a friend the same head’s up someone shared with you?

5 minutes.

You’re kidding, right?

What could we possibly be doing this week that’s more important than this?

Out of the 10,080 minutes God gives us this week, let’s commit together to use 5 of them to change someone’s eternity.


Brian loves helping Christians live thoughtful, courageous lives. He's a popular blogger, author, and pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

  • http://www.BrianJones.com/ Brian Jones

    How is this different from what I shared in the post?

  • Stuart Brogden

    “Sharing our faith” is NOT biblical! Our faith cannot save anyone. We are to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and that must be done with words. We should not live contrary to the Word, but we cannot live the gospel for someone to see. We must speak (or write) it. What God has done in us can be an example of the work of God, but it will not be the power of salvation to those who are perishing.

  • http://www.BrianJones.com/ Brian Jones

    I totally agree.

  • markg

    I agree, but we must lay the seed and let God do the watering and the fertilizing.

  • http://www.BrianJones.com/ Brian Jones

    I agree. But they need words too, unless we’re evangelizing psychics, right? :)

  • markg

    You can share your faith every day without saying very much. Actions soeak much louder then words. How you react to someone yelling at you, or how you react to life in general speaks volumes. Christians need to walk the talk, not just talk a bunch of words.

  • http://www.leahadams.org/ Leah Adams

    It is an opportunity I pray for every single day. I carry with me, in my heart, the one thing that can change the world…why wouldn’t I want to share it. Do I every day? No, sad to say. But I pray for the opportunity and the courage.

  • Stephanie Manning

    Thanks for posting. I think we all need a reminder once in a while that we should share our faith. After all, if someone hadn’t taken those 5 minutes for us (even if it were our parents, the neighbor, our friend, etc) then we too, would be lost. How can we expect them to know if no one tells us! God Bless!

  • http://www.BrianJones.com/ Brian Jones

    Nicolas, it’s always glad to connect with a skeptic of Christianity. What’s the nonsense about it? Christianity itself? The need to evangelize?

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.dloniak Nicholas Dloniak

    nonsense pure un-adulterated nonsense.