The Resurrection Myth

empty tomb

To my skeptical friends, who are many, a question:

How do you explain the radical transformation of the disciples without a real, historical resurrection?

Shocking many in the Christian community when he penned the words, Jewish theologian Pinchas Lapide  wrote,

When this scared, frightened band of the apostles which was just about to throw away everything in order to flee in despair to Galilee; when these peasants, shepherds, and fisherman, who betrayed and denied their master and then failed him miserably, suddenly could be changed overnight into a confident mission society, convinced of salvation and able to work with much more success after Easter than before Easter, then no vision or hallucination is sufficient to explain such a revolutionary transformation.

For a sect or school or an order, perhaps a single vision would have been sufficient – but not for a world religion which was able to conquer the Occident thanks to the Easter faith.

Pinchas Lapide, The Resurrection of Jesus: A Jewish Perspective, p. 125.

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  • Tina Kachmar

    geez. That sums up an answer for every argument I’ve ever had with people. Nothing like holding out. Great blog Brian!! (but you already knew that) :) See ya Sunday. Wishing you and your family a Blessed Easter day! Jesus is the man!!

  • David Knoecklein

    Nothing else explain’s Polycarp going to the lions.

  • David Knoecklein

    Correction, “burned at the stake”

    • Brian Jones


  • kimberly melton

    and he’s not a Christian why?…..

    • Brian Jones

      No idea.