two coats
Living It Out

Do You Have Two Coats?

One of the great leaders in the early Jesus movement was a man named John, Jesus’ cousin. We know him by his nickname – John “the Baptist.” Someone asked him what they should do as […]

social activism
Living It Out

Why Social Activism Is Not Enough

Many Christians confuse involvement in social justice causes with extending the kingdom of God through acts of compassion in Jesus’ name. There is a world of difference between the two. I have a friend who […]

commitment to finish things
Living It Out

Make A Commitment To Finish Things

“Discipline brings freedom,” said Richard Foster. I’ve spent a lot of time lately meditating on those three words. To me there’s a difference between being organized and being disciplined. Most people who know me would […]

pray before meals
Living It Out

Don’t Pray Before Meals? Read This.

3,743 Days. That’s how many days I estimate our family prayed together at the dinner table when I was a kid. Calculating that number was surprisingly easy. I took out Friday nights because that was pizza night. […]

Living It Out

Am I Being “Called?”

I hate the word “called.” It’s causes more guilt, frustration, and confusion than any other word in the Christian vocabulary. I hear Christians ask all the time: How do I know if I am being […]