one jesus loves

The One Jesus Loves

In case you missed it, here’s my message from Sunday titled, “The One Jesus Loves.” You can also subscribe to my Brian Jones Sermons podcast here.

commitment to finish things
Living It Out

Make A Commitment To Finish Things

“Discipline brings freedom,” said Richard Foster. I’ve spent a lot of time lately meditating on those three words. To me there’s a difference between being organized and being disciplined. Most people who know me would […]

don't trust everything scientists say
For Skeptics

Why I Don’t Trust Everything Scientists Say

You have good reason to not listen to everything that comes out of the mouths of scientists. The entire foundation of modern science is built upon what we can experience through our five senses—what we can see, taste, […]

pray before meals
Living It Out

Don’t Pray Before Meals? Read This.

3,743 Days. That’s how many days I estimate our family prayed together at the dinner table when I was a kid. Calculating that number was surprisingly easy. I took out Friday nights because that was pizza night. […]

angels sex humans
Honest Answers

Did Angels Have Sex With Humans? (Genesis 6:1-4)

Recently a friend shared that he was having a conversation with a skeptic who was questioning the Bible’s reliability. His friend said he couldn’t trust the Bible because of ridiculous passages like Genesis 6:1-4, “When human […]