two coats
Living It Out

Do You Have Two Coats?

One of the great leaders in the early Jesus movement was a man named John, Jesus’ cousin. We know him by his nickname – John “the Baptist.” Someone asked him what they should do as […]

Worth Sharing

How I Embraced Minimalism

The most unexpected thing has happened to me. I have begun the process of stripping away every single material possession in my life that doesn’t add value. In fact, I’ve dedicated the next year and […]

social activism
Living It Out

Why Social Activism Is Not Enough

Many Christians confuse involvement in social justice causes with extending the kingdom of God through acts of compassion in Jesus’ name. There is a world of difference between the two. I have a friend who […]

Climate Change
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There Is No “Debate” On Climate Change

There is no ongoing “debate” on climate change any more than there is an ongoing “debate” on whether the earth is flat or in the center of the universe. Christians will say, “There are scientific […]

more health

Less Junk, More Health

In case you missed it, here’s my message from Sunday titled, “Less Junk, More Health.” You can also subscribe to my Brian Jones Sermons podcast here.

Famous Rabbi
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How Jesus Copied Another Famous Rabbi

If you’ve ever struggled with whether or not God wants to bless your life, there’s background to the following verse you might find helpful. Jesus said in Matthew 7:9-11, “Which of you, if your son […]