Are Homosexuals Born That Way?

Are Homosexuals Born That Way?

have this friend who swears that if pastors tell the people in their churches that it is possible that people could be born gay…like…overnight churches will turn into Village People free-for-all orgies.

He thinks people will start wearing feather boas to Bible study. Sunday school teachers will start showing clips from Glee to their first graders.

Utter pandemonium will break out.

“Brian,” he’s told me, “It’s like admitting to people that God made a mistake. People will take that as license to practice homosexuality. You can’t do that.”


Are Homosexuals Born That Way?

I have lots of friends who are recovering alcoholics and I would venture to say that most of them struggle in part because of genetics – they were born that way.

None that I know, however, use that as an excuse to dive head-long into drunken stupors. Most alcoholics I know are brave, broken, and desperate to stay sober.

Will acknowledging the possibility that people could be born with homosexual tendencies change how God expects us to deal with homosexual behavior?

I don’t think so.

Do I personally think people could be born gay? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know how one could conclusively prove such a thing.

It’s pretty clear most secular psychologists and biologists are convinced homosexual orientation is imprinted genetically at birth. And they have piles of studies and journals to back up their claims.

My reaction is simple: So what? How does that change anything?

It’s still sin.

It’s still something to be avoided.

Then hasn’t God tethered those with homosexual urges to a life of constant struggle?


That’s why I’m betting that those who come to Christ and refrain from acting out on homosexual urges could be one of the few groups of people in the body of Christ who feel the full brunt of James 1:2-5 on a daily basis.

And my heart goes out to them because of it.


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