Homosexuality: Are You Uneducated, Backwards And Intolerant?

Homosexuality: Are You Uneducated, Backwards And Intolerant?

We’ve had two people storm out of church recently during my sermons.

One was an “over-saved” guy in a suit and tie who threw a third-grade hissy fit because he didn’t like a video we were showing. “I’m not putting up with this,” he yelled, as he frantically pushed his way through the aisle towards the exit so he could make a scene. I was later told he was the manager of the local, ridiculously fundamentalist “Wait, is that the musical score from the movie Deliverance?” Christian radio station.

The other was a calm, intelligent, PhD pharmaceutical type (we have a ton of those in our area), who graciously said that he couldn’t believe that a pastor, in this day and age, with all that we know today about the causes of homosexuality, could call it a sin. He was truly taken back.

Question: who is the uneducated, backwards, and intolerant one?

Answer: both.

Is homosexuality genetic? Probably.

Does it totally blow to have homosexual feelings and not be able to act on them in a society that across the board doesn’t support/condone/value those relationships? Undoubtedly.

Does it suck to have to fight for equal treatment under the law? Absolutely.

So it follows that anyone in this day and age that calls homosexuality a sin is uneducated, backwards and intolerant, right? Of course not.

It’s a sin.

Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…”

I’m sorry you feel the need to call me names because I tell you that shacking up is a sin and you’re hurting your future marriage.

I’m sorry you get ticked because I preach sermons that make you uncomfortable because you’re married but having an affair with someone at the office.

I’m sorry you don’t feel a big Oprah group hug when you ask me to “bless” some part of your life that you know is wrong and you need me, your local priest, to alleviate your guilt.

What you are doing is evil.

No more evil than my own sin.

But it’s still evil.

And while I would love to be in a position to make you happy, feel comfortable, and be “open and affirming” about your relationship, there is ultimately only One person I truly care about offending.

And it’s definitely not you.


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