How Non-Profits Steal Money From Local Churches

How Non-Profits Steal Money From Local Churches

It’s an undisputed principle in scripture that Christ followers are to first give to their own local congregation, and then above and beyond that to other kingdom endeavors.

Only after we have fulfilled our financial responsibility to God through our own local church, are we encouraged in scripture to give to other worthy kingdom causes.

What often happens, however, is the exact opposite.

Non-profit leaders will “raise money” from individual Christians to fund their activities (through websites, individual contact, e-mail newsletters, contact at speaking engagements, radio and TV appeals, etc.).

Then what happens, for most Christians at least, is they reduce what they give to their local church and divert their giving to fund whatever non-profit they were moved by.

Who loses in this is not the local church, but the kingdom overall.

This has to stop.

Jesus did not say, “I will build my network of poorly led non-profits that fight each other for funding.”

He said, “I will build my church.”

I understand that many non-profits were built because the church wasn’t doing its job.

But that’s like trying to justify an affair because your needs weren’t being met.

Legit non-profits that arise out of, support, openly don’t compete with, and build up the local church are absolutely needed, so thank God for them.

There are NO DOUBT some non-profits that view themselves as EXTENSIONS of the local church and are not in COMPETITION with the local church.

But for every exception, there are HUNDREDS of non-profits that, frankly, would do the kingdom a great service by either re-tooling their church partnership strategy or closing their doors.


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