One Second Is All That Divides Us

One Second Is All That Divides Us

A thought for my skeptical friends:

One of the reasons you reject Christianity is because you have been taught to be skeptical of things you cannot test with your five senses: things you cannot see, taste, touch, smell, or hear. Everything beyond that is mere speculation, you tell people of faith.

But what if there’s something ajar with the very thing you use to assimilate and assess the data you receive through your five senses – namely, your cognitive functioning?

What if you’re biased?

What if in the same way you say Christians are biased towards believing what they can’t see, taste, touch, smell, or hear, you are biased in the opposite direction?

Let’s get to the very heart of the issue.

What existed one second before the big bang?

For all the scholarly speculation about the origins of the universe one second after the big bang, why stop there? Why is it suddenly irresponsible for Christians to speculate what existed one second before the big bang?

One second.

That’s literally all that divides you and me.

Just one second.

Given everything we know about the grandeur, complexity, and awe-inspiring nature of the universe, don’t you think what lies on the other second of that one-second moment had to be something powerful enough to create such a world?

Can you allow for that possibility?

I’m just as passionate about adhering to Cartesian linear logic and the Scientific Method as you are, which is precisely why I believe we can’t toss this question aside.

If the universe did not unambiguously point to a point of creation, then there would be no need to speculate about the existence of a creator.

But it does.

So we do.

And it’s not because we’re biased towards believing.

It’s because Christians are driven to understand our universe just like you.

Unlike you, though, we don’t stop one question short.


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