Proclaiming Themselves To Be Wise, They Became Fools

Proclaiming Themselves To Be Wise, They Became Fools

The only thing worse than the deafening level of stupidity shared throughout the blogosphere and social media is the fact that the creators of this insipid content actually believe people care what they think.

Fortunately we don’t.

But one can begin to wonder, though, when the same drivel is shared over and over and over again in the feeds of people we know and trust.

One can forget that likes, shares, and comment counts do not even remotely measure wisdom.

As Kierkegaard so aptly pointed out, where the crowd is, untruth is sure to follow.

In these days of social media drivel it’s hard to remember that…


  • Sometimes it’s worth invading a country to stop a dictator. Even though there are no social media indicators that measure love of country and liberty. People who die defending freedom are Patriots.


  • Sometimes the most godly and Christ-like thing a disciple can do is actually love being an American and believe in what our country stands for.


  • Sometimes it’s okay offending the LGBT community. If you don’t like being told that your behavior is sin, so what? I don’t like people privately telling me I’m gluttonous, but I’m thankful for their bravery when it’s done in the context of love and friendship.


  • Sometimes the only word to describe abortion is murder, because that’s what it is. Not a choice. Not a contraceptive. Not one of many options available to young women today when they plan families, but murder. If you’ve had an abortion, you’ve committed murder. Until you realize that you will always deal with post-traumatic stress and long for the forgiveness we all need for our sins.


  • Sometimes the godliest, most ennobling thing wealthy people can do is stop handing out money to people who refuse to work. If they won’t work, then they won’t eat. No more handouts. No more easy credit. The 90% who can actually work will get off their butts and stop mooching off the rest of our taxes. The 10% who legitimately can’t, will be identified for real, substantive, on-going help.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to remember amongst the deafening criticism that the local church is a beautiful thing to behold. Despite its flaws it is simply hands down the best thing going on anywhere on this planet, period. Her constant critics should be rebuked, and then ignored, as should all stupid people.


  • Finally, sometimes it’s hard to remember that the Bible is God’s word, is inspired, and completely authoritative over our lives. Trendy philosophies and agendas have never undermined its truth, not in the first 40 centuries of its existence, and certainly not today by some stupid blogger sitting in his mom’s basement straddled by 40 cats on one side and the latest N.T. Wright commentary on the other.


Likes do not affirm truth, any more than shares establish authority.


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