Results From Catholic Visitor Survey

Results From Catholic Visitor Survey

A few years ago our teaching team was trying to understand the unique challenges a person with a Roman Catholic background has visiting a Protestant Church, particularly the church I serve.

So we asked visitors to CCV with a Catholic background to fill out a brief survey.

I thought you might find the results interesting and helpful…

How did you hear about CCV?

  1. Invitation to church
  2. Flyers/mailings
  3. Kid’s Camp
  4. Signs
  5. Saw church from highway 422

Describe your first visit. What were your initial thoughts and feelings?


  1. Liked sermon
  2. Felt at home immediately
  3. Liked Music
  4. Friendly people
  5. Liked children’s program


  1. Music too loud
  2. Non-traditional format

What made you come back?

  1. Sermon
  2. Children’s program
  3. Music
  4. Friendly people
  5. Felt at home
  6. Your pastor is so sexy (that wasn’t a real response, but that’s what people were thinking)

Why do Catholics have a hard time visiting and/or returning for a second visit?

  1. Lack of ritual
  2. Going against Catholic Church is going against God – afraid it is a sin
  3. Guilt
  4. Casual environment/building is not holy enough

What can we do to address the issues/concerns in question #4?

  1. Don’t do anything
  2. Have a class for Catholics (class? open house?)
  3. Explain Catholic Church teachings vs. Bible teachings
  4. Explain format of CCV
  5. Don’t criticize the RCC

Are there any special concerns Catholics have regarding their children attending CCV, and how can we address them?

  1. Children will not receive the sacraments, especially baptism
  2. Does CCV have a plan for teaching kids as they grow like CCD? If there’s no 1st communion, when can they get communion?

What is the single greatest fear Catholics have about leaving the Catholic church?

  1. Loss of salvation/hell
  2. Disapproval/disappointment of family/friends
  3. Guilt, fear of sinning
  4. Leaving the “majority” faith (you can go to any Catholic Church in the world and its identical)
  5. Loss of sacraments

What do you think?

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