Scandal-less Jesus

Scandal-less Jesus

If I’m being perfectly honest, I think Jesus is quite boring.

If you doubt this, think of the hype that is necessary to manufacture a big Easter, followed by the subsequent attendance and energy lull.

The other day someone mentioned that there’s no need to talk about controversial topics because “Jesus is scandalous enough.”

I beg to differ.

Nothing is less scandalous today than Jesus.

The Perspective of Skeptics

To most of my skeptic friends, Jesus is offensive simply because he’s talked about so much. They’re exhausted with the Jesus blathering. He’s become an irritation with a little “i.”

The Perspective of Christians

To Christians, Jesus is actually more boring that he is to skeptics, because not only is he talked about too much; they feel like they are the ones that have to keep the conversation going.

Put more specifically, I think the Jesus of history is boring.

He’s forever tainted. Marred and incapable of inciting shock in anyone except those used to being manipulated by the Christian machine.

The Scandal of Jesus

The real scandal is the person with skin on them that chooses to literally live out the teachings of Jesus.

Show me someone who’s crazy enough to literally…

  • Forgive someone who seriously hurt them, not just once, but over and over again.
  • Give what they own to the poor.
  • Actually go to pagans with the gospel rather than simply “inviting them to church.”
  • Control their anger.
  • End their lust.
  • Stop their lying.
  • Turn down any opportunity to garner attention.
  • Let the homeless actually live with them in their house.
  • Visit the local prison to extend love and grace.
  • Stay married and faithful for life.
  • Pray without pretense.
  • Identify and pour into a small group of future disciple-makers.
  • Give away a large part of what they earn.
  • Hang out with prostitutes, the ostracized, and marginalized.

Show me someone who starts to live this way and I’ll show you someone that scares the shizz out of church people.

Can you point to just one person in your church that is actually doing this?


Just one?

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