Should Churches Allow Their Pastors To Smoke Pot If It Is Legal?

Should Churches Allow Their Pastors To Smoke Pot If It Is Legal?

Before you laugh this off as a ridiculous question, know that churches in the states of Colorado and Washington (where smoking pot is legal) are already struggling with this very thing.

Our church has a policy that allows staff members to have a drink when they are at social functions, but that’s it. I personally don’t drink, but we recognize that since drinking beer is legal, and people here in the East drink it all the time, and since one beer doesn’t cause someone to become intoxicated, we allow it. Pounding them down would be a different story.

Recently a youth pastor shared on the secret sharing app Whisper (picture left) that he smokes pot every day he isn’t a part of church services.

My question is this: Let’s presume the state in which your church resides will at some point make smoking pot legal. Should a Bible-believing evangelical church allow their staff members to light up a joint?

Is this an offense that should warrant termination? Or is this similar to churches allowing their pastors to have a beer?

There are those like John Piper who argue that marijuana is a dangerous, mood-altering drug. Others take a less strict stance.

Your thoughts?

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