Why I Would Vote For An Atheist For President

Why I Would Vote For An Atheist For President

Given the choice between a Christian who leads like an atheist and an atheist who leads like a Christian, it’s clear which one I’d vote for 100% of the time.

Ross Perot joked that whenever someone tells him they’re a Christian, he immediately puts his hand over his wallet.

In my mind, whenever someone touts their Christian beliefs in a political campaign, it ought to immediately disqualify that person as a trustworthy candidate in the eyes of every serious Christ follower.

In my voting life Americans have placed a professing Christian in the White House 5 out of 5 times. While they all did some good things in office, for most their supposed “Christian” convictions had no bearing on informing (and ultimately stopping) some of the most un-Christlike policies and decisions enacted in recent Presidential history.

In my mind someone is a "Christian politician" because he/she votes the way Jesus would, not because they glibly mouth "God bless America" at the end of their speeches.


The issue is track record.


I could care less if you say you are a Christian - tell me about your voting record! You show me how you've voted/governed and I'll make the decision whether or not you're a Christian politician.


It's substance over rhetoric and voting history over style points in speeches and debates.


Show me verifiable evidence of a biblical worldview in your previous votes and I’ll believe you, and not until.


Having your speech writers throw in words like “God,” “Faith,” to appeal to evangelical Christian sensibilities makes me want to throw up in my mouth.



Haven’t we all met I have met atheists who live out the message of Jesus better than some Christians?


Have you ever had a great teacher who wasn't a Christian? A great doctor who wasn't a Christian? A great auto-mechanic who wasn't a Christian? The best teacher I ever had in grad school was agnostic.


Why would governing be any different?

That’s why as this upcoming election unfolds, and we’re introduced to the people who would vie for the highest office in the land, I’m stating up front that if you show me a candidate that leads like Jesus, that’s the guy or gal I’m voting for.

Even if they’re an atheist.

Would you?

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