You Say You’re Happy. But Are You Really?

You Say You’re Happy. But Are You Really?

If you’re like most of my readers, you understand that this is the only life you’re going get, so you want to make it count. You’re an adventurer at heart, so you take risks, try new things, and explore every inch of this planet while there’s time.

In the back of your mind you never allow yourself to forget that someday soon people are going to lower you in the ground, say a few nice words, then throw dirt on your face and go back to the church to eat potato salad.

This perspective causes you to focus on the things that matter. Like the way…

  • You refuse to punch the clock and coast at the office. You want to do work that fascinates you, demands your best effort, and makes a difference in some way.
  • No matter how successful you’ve been, you still choose to sit in the front row. There’s always something more to learn and areas where you need to grow.
  • You see people in need and refuse to offer token gestures of pity because you know have the ability to change the course of someone’s life you if really tried.
  • Above all else, you want your family to be like the last five minutes of every episode of the TV show This is Us. You want to cherish every single beautiful, complicated, tearful, exhausting, terrifying, and extraordinary moment you have together.

If I were to ask you to sum up everything you want out of life, you’d probably say, “I just want to be happy.”

But there’s something standing in the way, isn’t there?

More often than not, your actual life is a far cry from this idealized version that you have in your mind. And this frustrates you. And it’s not just because you have struggles like everyone else.

Sure, your marriage feels flat.  Money is tight. Raising kids is harder than you ever dreamed. And you never feel like you’re ever caught up. Balancing work, managing the house, getting kids where they need to go, and finding time to take care of yourself, is, well, exhausting.

But the problem goes much deeper.

You’ve spent your whole life looking forward to the “next thing” to give you a happiness boost. The problem is you’ve run out of “new” things left to look forward to.

So, what you’ve been doing is resorting to creating new things to look forward to – that party this weekend, going to your kid’s game, that vacation this summer – all in an attempt to manufacture feelings of happiness.

The problem, as you’ve discovered, is this only masks the problem.

Deep down you intuitively know that if there is such a thing as genuine happiness, it doesn’t need a mountaintop to be experienced. It can be found whenever, wherever, regardless.

The good news is you’re not alone

My name is Brian Jones, and I struggled with genuine unhappiness for years until I realized that just like with you, the problem wasn’t with me, it was the faulty approach I was using.

Since then, I've helped thousands of people live the best version of their lives possible by embracing timeless principles rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom, science, and common sense.

Together, with hearts filled with gratitude, this growing band of happiness insurgents has, in turn, helped thousands of hurting people around the world.

So, if climbing literal and figurative mountaintops doesn’t make one happy, then what does?

Thought you’d never ask.

The path to genuine happiness 

The answer is found thousands of years in the past. It’s an ageless approach to life as old as time itself, but has been tossed aside recently by the noise of motivational speakers and cheesy inspirational quotes.

Ancient spiritual writers taught that genuine happiness is not found on mountaintops, but is the by-product of believing and doing hard things. To them, genuine happiness is always found on the other side of pain.

When we force ourselves to believe hard things about ourselves (that we’d rather ignore or deny) and do hard things (that we’d rather avoid or delay), our lives dramatically improve and genuine happiness follows. You don't need to go a mountaintop to find happiness. You can be genuinely happy wheneverwhereverregardless.

The coolest part about of all this is when our hearts overflow with gratitude for the happiness we’ve discovered, they also begin to break for those around us who are still in pain. When this happens, we become instigators of change, and that's when the real fun starts.

I launched Happinessable to share this ancient approach with a new generation of people who are yearning to experience genuine happiness.

If that’s you, welcome.


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