Should Christians Smoke Pot?


A Conversation w/ Craig Gross, Founder of and Christian Cannabis

Craig Gross Episode Art.jpg

“Weed is just a plant growing out of the ground. I don't need a prescription for that.” – Craig Gross

Craig Gross is the founder of and the new website, a site designed to start “A conversation that isn’t being had amongst believers who are both seeking to be faithful to the word of God and interested in what, exactly, this whole ‘weed thing’ is all about.”

In this wide-ranging conversation, hear Craig share his history from founding, how and why he first started using cannabis, his thoughts on how marijuana products compare to drinking alcohol, and much more.

One of Craig’s main challenges is whether marijuana should even be considered a “drug.” He argues, “We've been fed a bunch of lies… weed is a plant growing out of the ground. I don't need a prescription for that. It's been there, and it's for us. And I think it's good. …It could be abused, just like we can eat too much of something from the Garden (of Eden). You’ve got to be responsible, and you’ve got to figure out like, ‘What's your intent, and what are you searching for? What do you want to learn?’"

As with every episode of the Twenty-First Century Jesus Podcast, the goal is to have respectful and helpful conversations with people from all different perspectives and walks of life. Ultimately, the question is: what would a first-century Jesus say to a twenty-first century world, and for the purposes of this specific discussion, what would he say to his followers about smoking marijuana?