Tackling Depression


How To Deal With Depression In The Most Healthy Way Possible: A Conversation with Dr. Tom Whiteman, author and licensed psychologist

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“It's all about what resources will help… bring you out of this funk.” – Dr. Tom Whiteman

Dr. Tom Whiteman is a Philadelphia-area psychologist and co-author of more than a dozen books, including, Starting Over, The Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook, Stress Test, and Your Kids and Divorce. 

In this interview, Tom explains the difference between general sadness and clinical depression, the correlation between being depressed and experiencing anxiety, why having a strong community is one of the most helpful aspects to your mental well-being, and when to know if you should consider taking medication.

When speaking about how to find help from a Christian perspective vs. a non-Christian one, Dr. Whiteman points out, “One of the reasons I started a Christian counseling agency was because I wanted to tap into people's resources. I would ask, ‘How important is your faith to you?’ And sometimes the answer was, ‘Well, you know, God is the center of my life.’ ‘Well, then let's talk about that. Let's start with that,’ if that's the source that you draw from, let's talk specifically about that. But I had clients who would say, ‘I don't want to talk about God.’ I'd say, ‘Okay, that's fine. Then let's talk about other resources,’ and they'd say, ‘Well, I live for my kids.’ ‘Okay. So, what kind of dad do you want to be? Do you want to be a dad who's a victim? And, you know, lays in bed on Saturday and doesn't do anything around the house? Or do you want to get up and show the kids that you're vibrant and you're capable?’ It's all about what resources will help, that you can tap into to help you bring you out of this funk.”

One of the main goals of the Twenty-First Century Jesus Podcast is to provide helpful resources for people at all different stages of life. Whether you’ve dealt with depression in the past, are dealing with it now, or know someone who is dealing with it currently, you’ll certainly find tremendous value by listening to Dr. Whiteman’s wisdom and advice.